Well hello there!

Once i had a blog, but then i forgot to pay the web hotel bill and the whole thing went away. Unfortunately, this was a WordPress site and i’d kinda grown tired of database backed blogs. So i sat around and waited for a static web site generator to drop into my lap. And it didn’t.

Well, after much nothing for a lot of time, i thought i’d experiment just a tad with the Hugo platform. Thought it felt simpler than Jekyll anyway. So here.

Not much content here though.

I still have the old blog backups as SQL dumps. Might put them here or might not. Not sure what this will grow in to, if anything. Whatever i need to express on the social networks, i do on Google+ anyway. For those who say G+ is dead, it’s probably because they don’t get it, which is all fine by me anyway.

Thinking of it, i even have my brain dump on Blogger, which i’d nearly forgotten about. I post some kind of tech insight there once a year or so.

This is what it is for now. Enjoy it.